Extreme Helicopter Apk App Download, Android Classic Game

Extreme Helicopter is a classic game made for Android device. On this game, you have to fly a helicopter. There is no obstacles on this game, but the tunnel is shrinking and you have to drive and guide your helicopter through it. There are 3 themes available on this game that you can choose between jungle, lava and and simple. There are also 2 kind of chopter you can choose between  default and realistic. How to play this game, tap the screen to fly up, and release it to go down. If you have an older Android device with low specs, try to change the theme into simple, it will make Extreme Helicopter run faster and smoother. Extreme Helicopter is a simple yet fun game to play, compatible for Android 2.1 and higher version. Recent Changes
  • Latest version 1.0
How To Download Extreme Helicopter for Android -          Download Extreme Helicopter Apk file, click here -          Download Extreme Helicopter through barcode scanner -          Open Android Market, search “Extreme Helicopter”
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