DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42 Apk Download, Watch TV On Your Android

DroidTV Prometime 3.0.42, brought to you from the developer PVRcom LLC, allows you to watch TV on Your mobile Android device in HD resolution. With DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42, watching TV anywhere and anytime is now possible, even the resolution is quite big with 480p resolution. DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42 lets you to choose between hundreds of episodes of the most popular TV shows from the major TV network. You don’t have to sit at you office or even your home to watch TV now, because with DroidTV, now you have a TV in your mobile Android device, which you can bring it anywhere so you can watch it anytime. Droid TV turns your phone into a DVR and Video player, so you can record and watch each episodes or automatically record every episodes for a show as they’re available. With the video recorder features, you can watch the recorded episodes anytime you want as they have stored in your SD Card storage to watch offline. As a premium application in Android Market, DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42 needs premium Android device to run it. The recommended specs are -          HDPI display resolution 480x800 or higher -          1 GHz or higher Processor speed -          Android 2.1 or higher -          2 GB Minimum Free Spaces on SD Card DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42 also supports Tablet device, so you can watch TV in a bigger screen than your Android mobile phone device. Recent Changes
  • Latest version DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42
How To Download DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42 Apk For Android -          Download DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42 Apk Download From Android Market Here -          Download DroidTV Primetime 3.0.42 Apk Free Download Here

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