Real Steel HD 1.0.18 Apk Game Download For Android

Real Steel HD has been updated to version 1.0.18 . Real Steel HD is brought toyou from a developer Jump Games, the developer that brought you ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, Ashes Cricket, Putt Putt Golf and ICC worldcup T20 west indies. Real Steel HD 1.0.18 is a near future underworld fighting game where two robots are fighting each other to death. Each robot has about 2000 punds of weight and they’re fighting in a no holds barret battle to the death. Comes with a tagline that champions weren’t born, but they were built , Real Steel HD promises you a fun-to-death game with HD quality and cool gameplay. Some reviews, include Gizmodo said that Real Steel looked fun as hell. iPhoneappreview said that Real Steel was a Solid winner. By just reading the synopsis and the reviews, we know how interesting Real Steel is. Real Steel HD features two game modes, Tournament mode and Free sparring mode. Tournament mode is where you can fight a roster of robots, which is very challenging to play. Free Sparring mode is where you can fight in a quick sparring match against your chosen opponent. Your mission on this game is to defeat Midas and unlock all 8 cool and unique robots. Real Steel HD is a great game to play, and worth to buy. Real Steel HD.Apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version. Real Steel HD 1.0.17 Android Apk Download Real Steel HD 1.0.17 Apk Download For Android Recent Changes
  • Latest version Real Steel HD 1.0.18
How To Download Real Steel HD 1.0.18 Full Apk For Android -          Download Real Steel HD 1.0.18 Apk Download from Android market here -          Download Real Steel HD 1.0.18 Apk Full Download Here -          Download SD Card Files For LG Optimus OneXperia X8Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire

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