Link 2SD 1.5.1 Alternative App 2SD or Move 2SD Application for Donut, Éclair, Froyo and Gingerbread

Before Link 2SD was created, only Froyo and Gingerbread users can easily move apps to SD card with app 2sd or move 2sd application. Unfortunately, it is not very easy for Android Donut and Éclair users to make their Android become app 2sd capable because they have to do some confusing steps. Now with Link 2SD, to move application to SD becomes very easy by just some clicks. Before install Link 2SD, be sure that you have rooted your Android (Download z4root application if you haven’t rooted your Android). Then make 2 partitions on your SD Card, FAT16 and ext2. Remember that both of the partition must be primary, not logical. Recommended ext2 partition is 10% of your SD Card capasity (400 MB for 4 GB SD Card). Last step, install Link 2SD and choose any applications that you want to move to SD Card to save your phone’s memory. Tested and worked perfectly on LG OptimusHTC Hero,Samsung GalaxyMotorola MilestoneMotorola Droid,Xperia X8Xperia X10HTC Desire HDGoogle Nexus OneHTC EVO 4GMotorola BackflipSamsung Galaxy TabSamsung Fascinate, Acer E400, Samsung Galaxy Apollo, LG Gt540 Optimus, Samsung Galaxy 5, etc. For more information about Link 2SD, click here Recent Changes
  • Some bugs have been fixed
  • Added not linked filter
  • Added refresh menu
  • Latest version 1.5.1
How to download -          Download Link 2SD 1.5.1 apk file, click here -          Open Android Market, search “Link2SD” -          Download Using barcode scanner, scan this barcode
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