Shine Runner 1.0 (v1.0) Apk Download For Android

Shine Runner has been officially released in Android Market. Shine Runner, brought to you by the developers Riptide GP, the developers that brought you Riptide GP, the first water racing game with great quality, optimized for Tegra devices. Just like its sibling Riptide GP, Shine Runner is an exciting game that take place on the water (in this case, it’s a river). Shine Runner comes with HD graphics, which is awesome and smooth. Shine Runner 1.0 features amazing boat physics, you can see one of the most realistic boat physics ever seen on mobile device in this game. The environtments are completely destructible, you can smash anything you can see. With HD visual this game brings, you will be excited and you will really like the way this game make you addicted. There is also an openfeint integration for online leaderboard and achievements. Shine Runner 1.0.Apk works on Android 2.2 and higher version, Shine Runner 1.0 has about 27 MB of Apk file size. Download and install Shine Runner 1.0 Apk now and get ready for a console-quality game that will help you to kill your time anywhere and anytime. Recent Changes
  • Latest version Shine Runner 1.0
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