A.I Type Keyboard Plus 1.9.1 (v1.9.1) Apk Download For Android

A.I Type Keyboard Plus has ben updated to version 1.9.1, A.I Type Keyboard Plus is an intelligent keyboard application with text prediction, auto correction, autolearning, undo/redo capabilities and cool themes include WP7, iPhone and Windows 8. Physicsword prediction is generated with A.I’s server, but if you’re offline it will be generated by thye device only. They keyboard also learn your unique word and style of writing, and to keep your privacy, the learning model stored to your device, not to A.I’s server. As a professional keyboard application for Android, A.I Type Keyboard Plus comes with word suggestion, word completion, spell correction, context sensitive, customizable skins, support unique skins, includes a layouts for undo, redo, navigation and more. A.I Type Keyboard Plus is so useful and helpful because it makes us type faster than usual so we can save our time to do something else. For your information, when you’re installing A.I Type Keyboard Plus it will ask you a permission to access sensitive data, but gthis sia just and Android standar general purpose message and A.I Type Keyboard Plus does not collect your Android sensitive data. A.I Type Keyboard Plus.APk works on Android 2.1 and higher version. A.I Type Keyboard Plus Android 1.0.6 APk A.I Type Keyboard Plus 1.0.6 Apk Download For Android Recent Changes -          Latest version A.I Type Keyboard Plus 1.9.1 How To Download A.I Type Keyboard Plus 1.9.1 APk Download For Android  -          Download A.I Type Keyboard Plus 1.9.1 .APk Full Download Here       Mirror |

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