Samsung S-Voice 1.0.0 Apk Download For Android [APK] – All device

What is your favorite feature found on Samsung galaxy S III? If you have to answer that question, most of you may have the same answer: S-Voice. S-Voice is an exclusive app found on SGS III. S-Voice, stands for Samsung Voice is an application that is actually the answer for Siri, killerapplication found on iPhone 4s.  Yesterday, an exclusive app from SGS III, Flipboard was also ported to work on most android device like HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S II, LG Optimus series and others. Beside the mind blowing hardware specification, Samsung Galaxy S III sure brings you some innovative feature like Smart Stay, Wireless Charging and more. Currently,  S-Voiceapplication is being ported by the developers so wait a little longer for this application to work on your device. We know you are looking forward to installing S-Voice for your HTC One X, HTC One S, LG Optimus 4X HD, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Ove V, HTC Sensation, or whatever device you’re holding right now. We will update this page when the APK is being released.  Stay tuned.Update : APK is out Recent Changes
  • Latest version Samsung S-Voice 1.0.0
How To Download Samsung S-Voice 1.0.0 Apk For Android Device -          DownloadSamsung Galaxy S III S-Voice 1.0.0 Apk Free Download Here   Mirror | Mediafire

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